“I found the course really interesting and useful for my learning. Thank you for simplifying complex concepts. Many things are now clearer in my mind and I have a better understanding of head and neck anatomy in general. I thought the handbooks were really helpful too.”

Pallavi Gungadin. September 2019 Head & Neck Course

“I was extremely impressed with this course. I gained heaps of new knowledge from Dr. Chughtai through his teaching style. My favourite part was learning the course of the facial nerve, a topic which I had failed to grasp on multiple attempts previously, but Shazan simplifies it for you – he is superb, will certainly recommend! Thank you so much and wish you all the best!”

Riaz Rampuri. September 2019 Head & Neck Course

“Great course. Great teacher. Fantastic resource to enable us to utilise in the workplace for clinical practice and for teaching colleagues.”

Shadé Tongo. August 2019 Head & Neck Course

“Two days of teachings with a valuable anatomy handbook. Dr Chughtai’s approachable way of teaching and his deep knowledge of spatial anatomy has informed my surgical practice. I will be booking another course with him as soon as dates become available”

Michaella Cameron. August 2019 Head & Neck Course

“Great course with a teacher who is clearly passionate and highly knowledgeable about Anatomy. The course was related clinically and the way it was taught, captured the 3D complexity of all the structures and their relation to one another, helping us to orientate ourselves and gain a full understanding of the H&N. Useful packs were provided for revision materials and I enjoyed the course thoroughly.”

Michael Daldry. August 2019 Head & Neck Course

“Shazan’s Course was concise and informative. He condensed Neuro-anatomical knowledge which would have taken far longer to cover alone. He simplified complex concepts and applied this to clinical scenarios. Useful for a range of health professionals. Definitely worth attending”

Priya Kadam. August 2019 Clinical Neuroanatomy Course

“This was such a good course, it should be compulsorily delivered by deaneries, or made compulsory to attend for e.g. ST3 and then and again for ST6 ENT trainees. Dr Chughtai’s teaching and knowledge reminded me of some of the great teachers like Prof H Ellis and Prof Vishy Mahadevan, and I mean that as the highest praise. Thank you for all the “penny drop” moments!”

Mrs Roplekar Bance. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“An excellent course run by an excellent teacher. Shazan’s explanations simplify difficult anatomical concepts and his teaching style is brilliantly engaging. Genuinely one of the best courses I have attended.”

Miss Liz Mathew. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“This head and neck theory course is essential to attend if you are specialising in ENT, plastics, Maxfax, or dentistry. I think everyone should attend as a medical student, again as an SHO preparing for MRCS, and then again as a registrar preparing for FRCS. The course tutor was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about head and neck anatomy. Quite literally the best anatomy teaching I’ve ever experienced. Thank you.”

Miss Natalie Watson. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“I would highly recommend this course! Wide coverage of head and neck anatomy that is delivered in a brilliant, interactive and easy to understand way! Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Beautiful venue and lovely set up. Well done, Dr Shazan! “

Dr Fidah Idris. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“I am very impressed at the way anatomy of the head and neck is taught and made literally easier by good interactive sessions conducted by Shazan. It made my preparation for the exam much easier, good amount of literature, bony models and illustrative pictures, handy consultation using standard anatomy texts and pictures, good food for the taste buds”

Mr Hasan Segana. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“Very organised course in terms of time management, covering all the Head and Neck anatomical subjects which helps in our clinical practice and theatre sessions. Dr. Shazan is very helpful and supportive and keeps checking the delegates’ understanding, answers the questions with pleasure. I would definitely recommend it to my ENT colleagues. Thanks a lot!”

Dr Maha Al-Qaisy. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

“This course provided what I feel many medical schools lack. A well thought out plan and approach to teaching head & neck anatomy via building a strong foundation followed by a gradual build-up of more advanced and clinically relevant topics. Would definitely recommend to medical students who want to add more depth to their understanding of head & neck anatomy.”

Mr John Ying Wei Ong. June 2019 Head & Neck Course

The course exceeded my expectations and provided insight into details of anatomy which I have never learnt before. Shazan is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to ensure any questions are answered.

Dr Ysabelle Embury-Young. June 2019 Head & Neck Course