Variety of teaching styles

We appreciate everyone learns in a different way. Our teaching reflects this using methods that are evidenced based and personally tested. Our sessions are delivered in a blended style, using didactic teaching that includes material for those who are visual learners as well as anatomical models for those who require a more haptic approach. The sessions are interactive, encouraging auditory learners to engage with the material. Teaching is informal, providing a conducive environment for people to ask questions, as well as encouraging discussion.

Clinically relevant

Our courses focus on clinical anatomy, highlighting relevant clinical correlations as anatomical concepts are covered. The aim is to connect anatomical knowledge to your clinical experiences, helping you see the relevance of your knowledge and how it can be applied. We avoid esoteric anatomical content, which is clinically irrelevant and unlikely to be examined.

The latest technology

We use the latest award winning three dimensional anatomy software to help demonstrate complex regions. The software is used to help you visualise complex anatomical regions using virtual dissection, highlighting key anatomical relationships and helping you visualise structures in your mind’s eye. Using this technology, also means we can avoid passing on the costs associated with the use of cadaveric material.

Quality not quantity

Courses have between ten and twelve attendees, depending on the type of course, this helps to keep a low teacher to student ratio, but also allows a peer to peer learning environment to develop during the course,  promoting learning from each other. Informal pop quizzes during the sessions, helps to provide repetition in an engaging manner and allows knowledge to be crystallised. It  also provides you with an idea on how your anatomical knowledge might be assessed.

Course material

Each attendee will be provided with a course booklet that covers the topics in the course, allowing you to focus on the content being delivered.