Neuroanatomy Quiz

1. Identify label A

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2. The olfactory nerve carries which type of fibres?

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3. Which of the following glial cells are exclusive to the peripheral nervous system?

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4. From the options below, pick the safest interspace level to perform a lumbar puncture in a child?

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5. What is the name of cranial nerve IV?

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6. A patient presents with sudden onset deafness and vertigo. Obstruction of the labyrinthine artery by an embolism is suspected.  From which of the following vessels does the labyrinthine artery most commonly arise?

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7. A lesion of the left optic tract causes what type of visual field defect?

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8. Sympathetic preganglionic output from the lateral horns occurs at which of the following spinal levels?

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9. The following are all upper motor neurone signs except?

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10. Select from the list below one of the sources of afferent connections to the ventral lateral anterior thalamic nucleus?

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