Neuroanatomy Quiz

1. Which of the following forms the medial surface of the thalamus?

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2. During surgical repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, the Artery of Adamkiewicz is damaged, postoperatively the patient may present with?

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3. A medial strabismus is caused by a palsy of which one of the following cranial nerves?

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4. Unmyelinated axons in the CNS are supported by which glial cell?

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5. The 4th cervical spinal nerve exits?

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6. The striatum consists of which nuclei?

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7. Which of the following bones does NOT form part of the neurocranium?

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8. The following are all glossopharyngeal nerve nuclei except?

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9. The ventral spinocerebellar tract decussates at the level of entry in the spinal cord, but decussates again where?

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10. Pituitary tumours are endoscopically accessed via the nasal cavity, through which sinus?

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