Head and Neck Quiz

1. Sensory innervation below the cords is by the recurrent laryngeal nerve?

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2. The cranial end of the larynx begins at C6 vertebral level?

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3. In this cross section at level C7, identify the area labelled Z

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4. The auriculotemporal nerve is part of the contents of the temporal fossa?

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5. The facial nerve leaves the posterior cranial fossa via the internal acoustic meatus?

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6. The superficial temporal artery is found in the temporal fossa?

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7. Killian's dehiscence occurs between the middle and inferior constrictor?

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8. A nasopharyngeal swab travels via the following structures:  Nostril > floor of the nasal cavity > through the torus tubarius > nasopharynx?

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9. During submandibular salivary gland surgery, the buccal branch of the facial nerve is at risk of being damaged?

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10. In the foetal skull, the mastoid process is present at birth?

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