Dr Carlo Izzo, MBChB, MSc

I am an Anatomist and retired Surgeon, I formerly worked at the University of Birmingham; teaching Anatomy to undergraduate medical, dental and graduate entry students. My teaching experience also includes working as a First Class Pathology Teaching Fellow at the University of Buenos Aires. I am also a member of the learned Society of Academic and Research Surgery.

I started my first teaching post as a Second Class Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine; while studying for my primary medical qualification at the University of Buenos Aires. After graduation, I continued teaching for a year and then commenced my surgical training as a Resident in General Surgery at the Churruca-Visca Police Medical Centre, Division of Surgery. I progressed on to becoming Assistant Staff Surgeon at the Carlos Durand General Hospital and went on to specialise in Gastrointestinal surgery. My final surgical post was Clinical Fellow in Gastrointestinal Surgery, at the National Hospital of Gastroenterology, Buenos Aires.

In 2013, I started my MSc in Surgical Sciences at University College London and graduated with honours in 2015. My areas of particular interest are regional and surgical anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract and craniofacial biology.